Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost (MC)

(all prices in Cubic Yards)

  • An organic, blended and aged mix of rich nutrients including poultry waste, cottonseed gin and natural fertilizers.


Our bark mulches have been double ground and are available as general purpose (course) and double ground (fine) pines and hardwoods.  Mulches have been aged a minimum 3-6 months to achieve optimum color and function.



Please contact us at 828-484-8131 for any of the following order types:

  • Deliveries greater than 10 miles
  • Multiple product deliveries
  • Rush Deliveries
  • Orders requesting a 1/2 yard increment´╗┐
  • Mulch deliveries greater than 20 cubic yards
  • Deliveries requesting greater than 10 yards of Conditioners/Compost or 6 yards of Soil  

Delivery times can be scheduled on the dates available in the drop down box and requested up to 30 days in advance.  Once the delivery has been scheduled and confirmation sent to your email, we will contact you on the day of delivery and provide a 2 hour window time line.   


How Do I Estimate My Delivery Area?  Below are links for each of our locations that will take you to Google Maps.  Choose the location nearest you.  When the google map page opens you will see a field to enter your address on the left hand side.  After filling that out, click the blue 'Get Directions' button.  The results will show suggested routes and next to those estimated mileage:

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Please Remember! We need a hard level surface to dump on and ample clearance for truck width, length and raising the dump bed.

Mushroom Compost

Price: $50.47
10 or more: $47.95 each
20 or more: $45.42 each
50 or more: $42.90 each
100 or more: $40.38 each
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